Marker Kentico Business Library (MKB)

by Keith Patton


A complete business layer facade for the kentico document and custom table apis. Offers strongly typed access to the custom document types and custom tables along with a best practice business entities repository approach to working with kentico data. Try it, we think you'll like it:)


Marker have created a complete business layer facade for working across the kentico document apis. Why would we do such a crazy thing? Well, we found that on larger and more complex web applications that we had a certain amount of trouble with the standard approach. When you use custom document types in Kentico, your rows are either returned as a CMS.TreeEngine.TreeNode or a System.Data.DataRow depending on what part of the api you are using. So the first main drive for our business layer was to be able to have a business entity class that mapped directly to a custom document type in Kentico. This means we know exactly how a particular document type is represented in our application and know exactly what properties it has.

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Note: 5.0.5 hotfix applied to v 5.0 is necessary.


Obfuskater commented on

We use this almost every day at work. It is a major improvement over the Kentico APIs. It allows you to define and work with strongly typed entities, which gives you all the benefits of Intellisense in Visual Studio and compile time checking.

michiel commented on

A great library for serious Kentico development. It's definitely an improvement over the standard API and it can be used in projects to integrate Kentico into other applications and workflows.

I'm hoping there will be a new release to use with Kentico 5.5.10!