Kentico Mapper

by James Munro (True Digital)
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By wrapping both the Kentico TreeNode and CustomTable APIs we have created a system that allows you to map either of these object types into your own custom C# classes. By creating this divide you can ensure that your models are fully unit testable and completely independent of the Kentico API layer.


The source for the Kentico mapper can be found on github at the following url:

Please see the readme on github for further information on how to use this extension to Kentico. You can find supplementary articles on our site regarding Kentico mappers:

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It should work with kentico 9 without any issues. In fact, we will attempt to publish an updated version of this project using nuget, to make peoples' lives easier by a wide margin.

James Munro commented on

@davey_lad I've not yet tested this functionality on Kentico 9 myself but our company website ( relies heavily on this feature and is using Kentico 8. We're currently in the process of upgrading it to Kentico 9 and we have not experienced any issues so far so I don't currently foresee any issues.

The project is open-source on github so if you do find any issues on Kentico 9 then please make a pull request and we can integrate any fixes you make.

@davey_lad commented on

Having seen the benefits and elegance of Glass mapper for Sitecore I thought I do a quick search to see if anyone had attempted to do something similar for Kentico.. and bingo, this popped up.

We're about to embark on a Kentico 9 project and was wondering if you had used this on 9 ? I can't imagine there being any breaking changes from 8 (famous last words).