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by BlueModus
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Apache 2.0
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Web site


This utility can be used to alter the output HTML of a Kentico web application in order to change the image paths to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or other domain.


One key value to this module is the face that it can be added to a Kentico installation without any re-coding or changes to the CMS Desk or Site Manager.

A regex match is used in an output filter to find tags and replace the URLs as needed based on the configuration settings. This can also be used to pre-pend subdomains to images, which can speed up the display time as many browsers allow two connections to a single domain at a time.

For example, the following image tags can be modified:
<img src="/images/file1.jpg"/>
can be rewritten
<img src=""/>
<img src=""/>
<img src=""/>
<img src=""/>

Note that this will not synchronize the files between your Kentico instance and your CDN. We recommend an Amazon S3 or FTP synchronization tool to accomplish this. In addition, Kentico release an S3 CMS.IO Provider in February 2012 that can be used to synchronize these files.

This utility works only with .NET 4.0.


Daniela Kubikova commented on

Hi NS, you don't need any special web.config. Just copy the three lines into appropriate places in your web.config as described in the readme.txt file. Also copy the BlueModus.CdnInjector.dll file into your Bin folder. I made a quick test of this on my 9.0 instance and it seems to be working...

NS commented on

Hello, and thanks for this promising plug-in.

However, I had several questions.
Would this work with kentico 9?
Would you be kind enough to supply me with a sample portion of web.config that works.

I keep on getting this error due to invalid configuration.

Thanks in advance.