by Andy Boot (pixelbuilders)
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Works with:

Web site


Enable to dynamically and easily create custom table items or pages of any page type from a comma separated CSV file.


Our development team has contributed to the flexibility and power of the Kentico content management system, by creating a new extension, which integrates with Kentico’s administration interface, to enable the ability to dynamically and easily create Kentico objects from a comma separated values (CSV) file.

The simple three step process we have devised enables a CSV to be uploaded to a Kentico website quickly and easily. The data columns in the CSV can then be paired with, or in other words matched to, existing fields relevant to the chosen object type on your website. A test mode feature allows this process to be simulated prior to the data in the CSV being published to the website, to ensure the upload is valid and error free.

This simple but effective module delivers a fast and effective way to handle mass content uploads to Kentico sites while limiting the risk of invalid data entry and human error.


  • Import To Kentico Document Library or Custom Tables
  • Up to 100 columns
  • Dynamic column selection
  • Select and match up any standard or custom field names
  • Test Mode to check the validity of the data before making changes to the database
  • Skip Headers (1st line)
  • Option to publish automatically if workflow enabled
  • CSV Date Format selection (Culture selection)

Installation Instructions are included in the package.

Please note this plugin is provided "as is" without any warranty or support. If you detect an error or would like to offer some suggestions on how to improve this plugin, please send us a message using our online contact form at or use the comments section within the Kentico Marketplace page.