by Robert Stebel (Kentico)
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Works with:
6.0, 7.0, 8.0


The HTML2Kentico tool is an independent Windows application that allows static HTML pages to be converted into Kentico CMS websites.


It uses REST to communicate with the target Kentico CMS instance, so no special modifications of the CMS system are required. This also means that the application will only work for Kentico CMS version 6.0 or newer, where REST is supported.


Daniela Kubikova commented on

Hi Imran,
I just tested the tool with Kentico 8.2 a little and both, pages and page templates, were correctly created; everything seems to work well. Are you sure that you have configured the REST service properly? See the documentation for more info:
If this will not help, you can try to contact the support:

Imran commented on

I am using Kentico Version 8.2. I am trying to use this utility to bulk import my website HTML pages, but its giving errors and not creating page templates and pages. Is this utility will work with this version ? What will be the best way to do that?


Robert Stebel commented on

Hi Todd,
Thanks for using this tool. You can contact me thru the Kentico support here with describing what issue you are dealing with.

Todd Hank - I-CAR commented on

We are attempting to use your tool to import a web site into a Kentico 8.1 installation on a developers laptop. We are continuously running into issues with the program while it attempts to import the site. Any way we can contact you for some assistance?

FroggEye commented on

Worked great! There were two items which caused me a bit of grief, which I hope will help others. I am using v7.0.12 with .net 4.5 on Windows 8 with IIS 8

1) I could not get past confirming my connection on step 1 without enabling .NET Framework 4.5 Advanced Services>WCF Services>HTTP Activation on my Windows 8 machine with IIS 8.

2) I created a Blank Site and in turn a BlankSite.css stylesheet was created. When the site was ported over I don't know if the issue was with the BlankSite.css already being there but the process didn't assign the newly created stylesheet ( to my site so I had to do that manually.

Overall, great product and excited to use it again.