Dianoga Image Optimizer

by Sergi Gisbert (ClearPeople Ltd.)
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An automatic image optimizer for the Kentico media library. Reduce the size of your images served from Kentico by 8-40%, completely automatically.


When media images are uploaded, Dianoga automatically runs jpegtran or PNGOptimizer on the image data immediately just before it is saved in the Kentico media library.

Dianoga is also great for situations where content editors may not be image editing experts and upload images that contain gobs of EXIF data and other nonessential metadata - these are removed automatically before being shown to visitors. All of the optimizations done are lossless, so you lose no image quality.

Install via Nuget. Choose your right version from https://www.nuget.org/packages?q=Dianoga+Kentico

Tested version: 1.0.4


Brandon commented on

Any plans to support Kentico 10?

drazen.janjicek commented on


Could you provide a Kentico 10 version of this?


Paul commented on

Hey, I have an issue with this re-sizing the image for the getmedia/ path when it's uploaded to the Media Library. The Direct Path file is fine (compressed and still to scale), but the permanent link has its dimensions re-sized smaller. Any ideas why?

Sergi Gisbert commented on

New version (v1.0.5) uploaded to Nuget (https://www.nuget.org/packages?q=Dianoga+Kentico) with support for images loaded as Attachments (AttachmentInfo type).

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