Zip Code Proximity Search Filter Web Part

by Rebecca Broadwater (Brave New Markets)
Zip Code Proximity Search Filter Web Part preview




Works with:
8.0, 8.1, 8.2


Search filter that returns results based on proximity to selected zip code.


The ability to filter a group of locations based on proximity to a given zip code is a common functionality provided by many websites; it may be used to locate stores, jobs, schools, parks, restaurants, etc. within a configurable distance from a specified zip code. The proximity search filter provides a solution for this need. It currently comes fully integrated with a custom table of all U.S. zip codes, and could easily be modified to work with any custom table of zip codes.


Matt commented on

The biggest hurdle I had to get this running was that the geolocation custom table came in without any trailing zeros for zip codes. (zip code 06118 is stored as 6118). This gave the appearance that the filter wasn't doing anything.

Brenden Kehren commented on

Overall good control. I spent about 3 hours troubleshooting and refactoring the code as quite a few of the properties weren't hooked up in code. Also would be nice to turn logging on and off within the webpart as it logs quite a few informational events per search.