Media Library Extension

by VML Development Team
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This module enables storing of various media files in the system. Batch files can be uploaded externally, for example FTP. However, those new files require to register through the media libraray administration page before use. This little module would help to manage the registration in the database.


The Kentico Media Library module provides functions to:
  1. find all unregistered files and register them to the database
  2. update registration data for old files
  3. remove orphan registration - the physical files are removed but the registrations stay in the database
The attached dll file was compiled with ASP.NET Framework 4.0 and Kentico v. 5.5.4311.

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FroggEye commented on

Can you tell me if this process could be run via a scheduled task? I'd like to use this but automate it 100% vs. having to click a button. Also have you done any support and upgraded it to v6 or v7?

matthew.lee-kenticodeveloper commented on

The source code could be found here: