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Works with:
5.5, 5.5R2

Web site


The Internal Linking Tool is used for automatically generating internal links in your website. The best example would be Wikipedia pages, which use blue highlighted words that point you to internal pages of related content.


The tool is very good for SEO purposes, but also allows the visitor to visit more pages on your website.

The tool works by allowing you to define a list of keywords and associated documents; for each keyword located in editable region or document field it automatically generates the document URL. The tool only updates the first occurrence and every third occurrence of each keyword. You can also customize the document types and fields where the tool will search for the specified keywords.

The advantage (compared with the default static link insertion provided by Kentico) is the following: the tool generates an inline control for each keyword that will resolve to the URL of the associated document. This means that, if you later decide to change the URL of the document, you will not end up with old URLs in your text which aren’t working anymore. It also means that when you add a new keyword, all document types and fields you’ve defined will be parsed and updated.

You can find installation instructions in the download package.

On 5.5 version of Kentico, hotfix 5.5.30 is necessary.

The tool is offered for free, but IOmundo can provide paid support for integration into your CMS. If you are interested, please contact IOmundo at


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