Custom 301 Redirect Module

by thunder::tech
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Free for use. Consulting or implementation at cost.
Works with:

Web site


Great custom module to assist in set up and management of 301 redirects. Put the 301s in the hands of the CMS administrators and the SEO specialists.


Manage the redirects directly within the Kentico instead of enlisting help from developers to configure IIS or other server configurations.

The module includes:

  • import tool
  • 301 vs 200 redirects
  • Excluded Paths settings so you can configure certain paths to not redirect when processing

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Bruce Williams commented on

I apologize @davey_lad, email me directly at and I will get you what you need immediately.

@davey_lad commented on

Tried contacting you a number of times to get hold of this module... no response whatsoever.

This module should be made available to download directly from here