BizStream QR Code Generator

by Brian McKeiver
BizStream QR Code Generator preview




Works with:

Web site


This module allows you to generate a QR Code from any document in the content tree. You can save that QR Code and use it however you wish.


QR Codes are showing up more and more. They can be found on business cards, for sale signs on real estate, newsletters, and print ads. All ready for that smart phone user to take a quick scan with their Android or iPhone, and be automatically taken the right place or have the right number to call. This module allows you to generate QR Codes from your Kentico CMS content tree.

There is one special installation you must take to make the module work. Please see the included readme file for the full installation instructions.


babard commented on

Yup indeed. It's really good. But I wonder whether there are some difference between the c# qr code generator I am testing these days and the one mentioned above.

apoklypsiis0913-gmail commented on

Good stuff