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by Mindfire Solutions
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Kentico-MailChimp webpart provides user a medium to communicate with other users by sending emails. User can send emails through a particular contact list. The Administrator has facility to add new receiver to the contact list. To explore more features of the webpart, please download and use it. Kentico-MailChimp webpart is available in FREE


Kentico CMS integration with MailChimp.

Some salient features of Kentico CMS MailChimp Webpart:
  • MailChimp toll is integrated to sending email campaign using
  • All E-mail information stored, retrieved and removed through MailChimp tool
  • Kentico-MailChimp Webpart is used as a bridge to connect MailChimp
  • Kentico-MailChimp Webpart use MailChimp as primary Database
  • Kentico CMS admin can apply all existing email template the MailChimp toll has

Kentico admin can send number of email at a time to a particular contact list within Kentico CMS environment. Kentico admin can use all existing email template the MailChimp toll has.

The MailChimp Webpart is compatible with Kentico CMS 6.0, .Net Framework 4.0

Please, follow here to download User Guide document.


DanielaK commented on

Hi Ray, try to contact the author of the web part directly (you can find "Contact Us" form on their pages). There is a chance that they already have new version, however they probably do not check this message board.

Ray Gilmour commented on

Hi. Can you tell me if there is a version that is compatible with Kentico version 8 yet? If so where can I access it?