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Works with:
9.0, 10.0

Web site

Certified Extension


After you write and approve content in Kentico Cloud, it’s time to import it into your CMS. Cloud Import module helps you to import content to Kentico CMS and EMS automatically.


Kentico Cloud is a cloud-based service for digital agencies and content teams, providing them with a single place for web content production to optimize your web projects.

Notice: The Kentico Cloud Import module will be fully operational until June 30, 2018. After this date, we will discontinue the maintenance of the Import module and it will stop working for all Kentico Cloud accounts.

Once the content is written and approved, you can import it from Kentico Cloud to Kentico CMS/EMS using our custom module. All you need to do is to link it with your Kentico Cloud account in Integration settings and set up mapping for an automatic import. You can import content to existing pages in Kentico or create new subpages. During the import process, you can configure all the mappings for content items, assets, taxonomy, etc. Once the import has finished, Kentico Cloud Import module updates fields of the page in Kentico CMS/EMS based on provided mapping.

Cloud Import module supports the following scenarios:

  1. Import content from Kentico Cloud to Kentico CMS as pages (into page type fields).
  2. Update content of the pages in Kentico CMS.
  3. Import metadata.
  4. Import Taxonomy groups as Categories in Kentico.
  5. Import assets to media library.

Note that importing localized content and content modeled using content type snippets is not supported.

The custom module is a NuGet package, which works well with Web Application or Web Site. For more information about the Kentico Cloud Import module, check the official documentation.

Here you can download an older NuGet package for Kentico 9.