Ridgeway Media Selector

by Ridgeway
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A custom Form Control that improves upon the default Media Selector by allowing you to select multiple media files at once and specify the minimum and maximum number of files that can be selected. Configuration options are provided to filter the media files available for selection by site, library and file extension.


The Ridgeway Media Selector is perfect for things like custom image galleries where you need a convenient way to select a maximum of 10 images (.gif, .jpg, .png extensions only) from a specific media library. Fetching the selected images to display also couldn’t be simpler as you can use Kentico's API directly to retrieve the selected media.

More information about setup, configuration and examples of using the API can be found in the readme file located in the download package. This package was tested with Kentico v7, but it should still work with a few modifications in v6. Further instructions on this matter can also be found in the readme file.

Note: This form control works only with instances where the Media Library module is available.


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