Google Maps Geolocator

by Michiel van Oosterhout
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This control can be used to find accurate geographical coordinates for any place on Earth using an easy to use Google Maps interface.


The control can be used for any field of type text and it will store the coordinates (latitude and longitude) in the database To be able to store the exact location the attribute size for the text field must be at least 21.

Installation instruction are included in the package.



Daniela Kubikova commented on

Hi Omar,
This form control is very old, I really doubt that it will work in Kentico 9.0. What about to try this form control: ?
It's very similar, it can also store coordinates (latitude and longitude) so maybe it could be used in the scenario where you need it.

Omar commented on

Hello there!!

I am a basic user in Kentico and I would like to know if this form control works fine in Kentico CMS v. 8.2 and how exactly can I use it because I have followed the instructions and I got the error below:

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Could you post something to explain me, step by step, how can I use this form control in a page.

Thanks in advance. I hope you can help me.

Best regards.

danielak commented on

Hi Serge, I tested this form control with the document types on Kentico 6.0 with the latest hotfix and it worked well. However on the 6.0 final I had the same error. The problem disappeared when I filled in any 'Default value' for the Google Maps Geolocator field (any text). Maybe it will help you too...

michielvoo commented on


Sorry to hear that, I guess it's not compatible with Kentico 6 or that it's not compatible with user profiles. Unfortunately, I no longer work on Kentico, so I can't update this control.

Serge TERRAS commented on

I try to use the component with the version 6.0 of Kentico an I have the error :
[Error loading the FormControl '']
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I tried to use it to customize the user profile.

Thanks for your help

michielvoo commented on


Thanks for the feedback! I actually worked on that this weekend, I will upload an updated version later this week. It will reinitialize the map if there is already a value stored in the database. It will also allow you to drag and drop the marker manually, in case Google Maps doesn't find an accurate enough location.

I think that will cover most needs, but I still have some ideas (and time) for improvement after that. So keep the suggestions coming.

Bram den Boer commented on

Nice control. With some small modifications in the default GoogleMaps webpart to read the latitude and longitude from one field it is very usable. Just implemented it and works like a charm.
One remark: the map is empty if you click on the doctype after saving.

michielvoo commented on

This is the first version, I have some minor improvements planned for a possible v1.1 release, so stay tuned!

If you feel there is anything missing leave a message here and I will consider it.

Thank you!