Google Analytics Web Part

by Zbysek Nemec (Kentico)
Google Analytics Web Part preview




Works with:

Web site


Google Analytics Web Part with support of asynchronous script.


This Web Part allows you to easily start using the Google Analytics service. To set up this Web Part you need to fill the Tracking code from the Google Analytics service and select the appropriate Tracing type. You can also choose between classic and asynchronous version of tracking code.

Please read the instructions provided within the package.

This web part is included in the default installation of Kentico CMS as of version 6.0.


scott-bensonseo commented on

Has this been updated for Universal Analytics yet?

aezzell-gpworldwide commented on

"This Web Part is natively included from the version 5.5 R2 of Kentico CMS."

When I tried to use the version that was included in v5.5.3789 and v5.5.3803, in neither case did I have the option to select the asynchronous version of the code. The instructions above should be modified to note this.

(The GA code was correctly inserted in the page, but it was the old version, not the asynchronous version.)