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Recommendante is new recommendation engine for Kentico. You can target customers with personalized offers across your eCommerce site. Make your eCommerce smarter day by day and increase sales volume. Built with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning technology is the reason why self-learning Recommendante is able to achieve better and better results.


Recommendante is fully automated tool. However for some features you can customize settings to adjust them to your business. Check wide range of default features that will let you boost your sales:

  • User to Item recommendations - based on the history of items that were of interest for the user up to the time the model was built,
  • Overcome cold item problem - The system is analyzing all features provided on there own and is using only the one that have some value for recommendation,
  • Feature BlockList -  block items based on the values of its features,
  • Per Seed Block List -  provide per item a list of items that cannot be returned as recommendation results
  • Upsale - enforce items to return in the recommendation results,
  • Payment model - Items recommended to Your visitors are tagged by UTM. You can check results, driven by the recommendation engine, in Your Google Analytics account.

Check our website for all feature list and screens: