MT First Data Payment Gateway

by Leandro Filipczyk (Marcus Thomas, LLC)
MT First Data Payment Gateway preview




Works with:

Web site


Having trouble implementing a Custom Payment Gateway using First Data Web Service API? Let us help you...


Here is a list of features from the MT First Data Payment Gateway:

* Use First Data web service API to handle your site payment.
* Runs off Kentico Tools section(you can configure it entirely from within the CMS).
* Support for running the payment gateway in test mode using your First Data test API credentials.
* Provides a step by step guide on how to deploy and configure the certificates that First Data Provides.
* FULL SOURCE CODE Only the web service reference lies within a dll file.


Daniela commented on

Hi Delford,
this module was submitted a year ago so it's quite possible that it is outdated now. I would recommend you to contact the author of the module directly, he probably doesn't check this message board anymore. His e-mail can be found in the PDF file with installation instruction which is included in the download package.

dchaffin-omni commented on


I just happened across this module and it may be just what I need; however, I was noticing that some of the FirstData links seem to be older. It seems now they use the Global Gateway e4 where this seems to be an older version, is that correct?

If so, will this continue to work or is that a system they will eventually transition away from? Do you have plans to upgrade this to use the e4 service?