Email Marketing Coupons Module

by Josef Dvorak (Kentico)
Email Marketing Coupons Module preview




Works with:


This module allows you to send E-commerce Discount Coupon codes using Kentico Email Marketing campaigns.


The module allows you to assign or generate Coupon codes associated with Kentico E-commerce Discounts. The email address coupon assignment is persistent, so the same subscriber can be sent the same unique discount across multiple Email campaign issues. It is also possible to send multiple coupons to the same subscriber, by creating multiple Coupon batches.

The module functionality is accessed through Email marketing campaign UI, where you will find a new tab labelled Coupons. There you can assign Coupon codes to Email campaign's subscribers. The assigned coupons can then be dynamically displayed inside Email campaign's Emails using included macro method:

{% GetSubscriberCoupon(Email, "CouponBatchCodeName") %}

The macro allows you to access any Coupon batch in the system, even if it does not belong to the Email campaign it is being used in. It can be even used outside the Email marketing module entirely.

To install the module import archive and select "Import code files" option.