Tweet Me

by r42 communication
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Works with:
5.5, 5.5R2

Web site


This free web part simply does one thing: it creates a status update link to Twitter; a tweet.


Here is the list of highlights:
  • Complete custom branding: Choose between an image or a simple text link;
  • You can use TinyURL or to shorten your URLs;
  • Thanks to the new macro support in web parts, you have full control over the message that will be tweeted;
  • The web part includes Google Analytics campaign tags, so you will be able to measure the success of this feature;
  • Tweet Me produces a simple link without JavaScript which makes it mobile compatible.
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Jason Hines commented on

The developer quickly helped me modify the code to make it work on my multilingual site.

Petr Passinger commented on

Simple to use, customizable and well documented. Plus something we were just waiting for!