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by Jiří Kusák (Kentico)
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This package contains 14 social networking web parts. Social networks covered: Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter.


This package contains a set of web parts which provide easy-to-insert social networking plug-ins to web pages. These web parts are based on the plug-ins offered by social networking websites, such as Twitter or LinkedIn, and provide an easy-to-use, familiar interface for adjusting their properties.

This package doesn’t bring just the web parts, though. In order to simplify the usage of the LinkedIn web parts, we integrated the LinkedIn Company Search. This feature greatly simplifies selecting companies in the web parts that need it.

You can find more information about the package in this blog post.


Jiri Kusak commented on

Hi dchaffin-dreamcc,

I'm not quite sure if I understand your question correctly, but I'll try to answer. This package contains social networking web parts and adds some settings needed for those web parts. It not an update for other web parts.

I think you are talking about "Social bookmarking web part" that is not part of this package. This package doesn't change the behavior of this web part in any way.

Hope this helps.

dchaffin-dreamcc commented on

I am reasonably certain I have this updated web part installed now, but I still am unable to see the Google+ under the "Bookmarking services" settings for the part. Am I missing something? How can I confirm that this is actually updated? Thanks!

DanielaK commented on

Hi SunnyOoi,
it is necessary to unzip the downloaded package and follow the instruction in the attached Instructions.pdf file.

SunnyOoi commented on

Hi I tried to import this zipped file but the system gave me this error below.Anyone knows why?

Error during temporary files creation. Original exception: [ImportProvider.CreateTemporaryFiles]: Data not found or the package is not a valid export package. (D:\home\\wwwroot\App_Data\CMSTemp\ImportExport\Data)