Social Feed Integration

by Laura Frese (iMedia Inc.)
Social Feed Integration preview




Works with:
8.2, 9.0

Web site


Pulls feed from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube into boxes and also allows for custom content additions.


This web part outputs a random mixed feed from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages into a set number of boxes which change position on each page load.
In addition to the social boxes, HTML can be entered into the web part to display custom content in boxes that will always appear on the page.
There is also an option to include backup content in case the social feed gets cut for any reason.

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Daniela Kubikova commented on

Hi Terrel,

in the package there is also css file "SocialApp.css". Copy this CSS file and also all images from the package somewhere to your file system, e.g. to "/CMS/yoursite/stylesheets/SocialApp" folder. Then add CSS stylesheet web part to a page with Social integration web part and set the path to the CSS file (/yoursite/Stylesheets/SocialIntegration/SocialApp.css). To display all images correctly, edit also CSS stylesheet file and replace all occurences of "/iMedia/media/iMedia" with your path "/yoursite/Stylesheets/SocialIntegration". Then the web part should be displayed properly...

Of course, you can also create and use your own CSS stylesheet.

Or is there any other problem?


I have added this into my environment to test and but when it shows up its just a line on the page I am not seeing the text or other items. I have reviewed the documents but not having much luck.