FaceBook Interaction auto publish bar

by Mirko "ZeroG" Melone (eLogic)
FaceBook Interaction auto publish bar preview




Works with:
4.1, 5.0, 5.5, 5.5R2, 6.0


This web part displays a bar that allows the publication of the current page link on your Facebook profile.


This web part publish post on Facebook using a stream.publish method (for more info about stream.publish, please visit http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/rest/stream.publish/). You can also select an image to use as the logo of the published post, alternatively Facebook will select a picture from your link independently. All text, Facebook application id and other options can be modified by the properties of the web part.


ZeroG commented on

Hello Richard,
Sorry but I had not understood what you asked.
To use this simply install the WP in your Kentico, plug it into a page and then configure it with your FB-APP ID that you created earlier.
After this, at the first use you will be asked to allow access to your FB APP to the current profile FB logged. In this way every time you used the button "publish" will be published a post on FB user profile logged at that time, without asking for further confirmation.

Note for FB APP: You can configure the FB-App as MobileWeb or another.
If you need more info about this contact me on twitter: @ProjectZeroG


Mirko commented on

No Richard, isnt demo, it's a full WebPart. ;)

richard commented on

Is there a demo that I can see?