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geniusinnercoder-gmail - 5/27/2017 1:57:21 AM
IOS & Android Developer/Team Needed ( Early Stage StartUp)
Calling all Developers!

We’re an early stage startup with 5 awesome team members creating a novel way to meet & communicate with people from all over the globe.

A little more about us:

- We were semi-finalists in this years Tech Coast Angels Pitch competition ( that's the top 30 out of 600 companies!)

- We’ve been developing this idea for about 4 years and we’ve been consistently improving and moving forward over time

- We’ve got a brilliant team consisting of 5 extremely talented individuals

- Launching an IndieGoGo campaign in 2 months

What we’re looking for:
- A development team or individual developer who knows IOS, Android, or both.

- Must have an open-mind, a passion about traveling, and meeting new people.

What we’re offering:
- Shares/Stock options based on milestones we would set together

- Hourly pay as soon as we get funding/start making a profit.

***Contact Joan at for an interview*****