Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Link properties

Link properties

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Link properties

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On the Attachments, Content, Media libraries and Web tabs, you can see the following section for setting up link properties:




You can specify the following properties on the respective tabs:




Protocol + URL - the address of the linked resource.

Link text - the text of the link that will appear in the text. This field is visible only when inserting a link into an empty space in the text area, i.e. when no text or object is selected.




Please note


On the Web tab, only the Target and Advanced tabs are displayed and the general properties are displayed above them.





Target - using this drop-down list, you can define where the link will be opened.

Target frame name - the name of the frame where the target should be opened. This option is displayed only if the Target property is set to (frame).




ID - the identifier of the link HTML element.

Name - the name of the link HTML object.

Tooltip - the text displayed when the mouse cursor is placed over the link.

Class - the link element CSS class.

Style - additional link element styles.