Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Workflow handler

Workflow handler

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Workflow handler

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The workflow handler allows you to handle the following events:


OnBeforeCheckOut - before document is checked out

OnAfterCheckOut - after document is checked out

OnBeforeCheckIn - before document is checked in

OnAfterCheckIn - after document is checked in

OnBeforeApprove - before document is approved

OnAfterApprove - after document is approved

OnBeforeReject - before document is rejected

OnAfterReject - after document is rejected

OnBeforePublish - before document is published

OnAfterPublish - after document is published


When the document is published, the order of the events is following:









The following example shows how to send an e-mail with news document content when it's published:


1.Open the CustomWorkflowHandler class and put the following code at the beginning of the file. It adds the reference to the namespaces we will use to handle the event:



using CMS.DocumentEngine;

using CMS.GlobalHelper;

using CMS.EmailEngine;

using CMS.WorkflowEngine;


2.Put the following code inside the OnAfterPublish method:




// type the document as TreeNode

TreeNode newsDoc = (TreeNode)treeNodeObj;


// handle the event only for news items

if (newsDoc.NodeClassName.ToLower() == "")


// get content of the inserted news item and send it by e-mail

 EmailMessage email = new EmailMessage();

 email.From = "";

 email.Recipients = "";

 email.Subject = ValidationHelper.GetString(newsDoc.GetValue("NewsTitle"), "");

 email.Body = ValidationHelper.GetString(newsDoc.GetValue("NewsSummary"), "");




3.Set the From and Recipients e-mail addresses to you e-mail address.

4.Compile and run the project.

5.Configure your project so that it uses workflow for news items and create and publish a news item. You should receive the content of the news item by e-mail.


Getting the workflow step name


If you need to get the name of the workflow step (for example in the OnAfterApprove event), you need to use code like this:




CMS.WorkflowEngine.WorkflowStepInfo previousStep = (CMS.WorkflowEngine.WorkflowStepInfo) previousStepObj;

string stepCodeName = previousStep.StepName;