Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

API classes

API classes

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API classes

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If you are not familiar with database table data management through Info and Provider classes, we strongly recommend that you refer to the Database table API topic first.




Please note


The main classes of the web farm module can be found in the CMS.WebFarmSync namespace.


CMS_WebFarmServer table API:


WebFarmServerInfo - represents one web farm server.

WebFarmServerInfoProvider - provides management functionality for web farm servers.


CMS_WebFarmTask table API:


WebFarmTaskInfo - represents one web farm synchronization task.

WebFarmTaskInfoProvider - provides management functionality for synchronization tasks.


Other classes:


CMS.SettingsProvider.WebSyncHelperClass - allows the creation of synchronization tasks and the management of general web farm settings.

CMS.WebFarmSyncHelper.WebSyncHelper - provides functionality for processing web farm synchronization tasks.