Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Translation service properties

Translation service properties

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Translation service properties

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You can configure the following properties when creating or editing translation services in Site Manager -> Development -> Translation services:


Display name

Sets the name of the service displayed to users in the administration interface, e.g. in the list of possible options when submitting a document for translation.

Code name

Sets a name that serves as a unique identifier for the service, for example in the API. You can leave the default (automatic) option to have the system generate an appropriate code name based on the display name.

Service provider assembly name

Must contain the name of the assembly where the service is implemented. Enter App_Code for classes defined in the application's App_Code (or Old_App_Code) folder.

Service provider class name

Specifies the exact class (including any namespaces) that defines the functionality of the translation service.

Is machine translation service

Indicates whether the service is based on machine translation. If disabled, it is considered as a human translation service.


When translating documents using a machine service, the system creates the new document versions in the target language immediately.

With human translation services, there is a waiting period and the system tracks translations through submission tickets.

Service is enabled

Can be used to manually enable or disable the service. Users can only choose enabled services when submitting documents for translation.

Service supports submitting instructions

If enabled, users can include additional instructions (for human translators) when creating submissions for this service.

Supports prioritizing of submissions

If checked, users are able to set a priority (low, normal or high) for individual translation submissions that use the service.

Supports submission deadlines

Indicates if users are allowed to specify deadline dates for translation submissions that use this service.

Service parameter

The text data entered into this field may be accessed from within the code implementing the service. It serves as a string parameter through which you can modify the functionality of the service without having to edit its code.


You can load the value in the code of your service classes through the CustomParameter property, which is inherited from the parent class (AbstractMachineTranslationService or AbstractHumanTranslationService).


C# example:


CMS.GlobalHelper.ValidationHelper.GetString(CustomParameter, "")