Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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Integration of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter social networks in Kentico CMS offers various features. A summary of features associated with each social network and available web parts and form controls is displayed in the provided table.


Social network


Available web parts

Available form controls



Facebook connect logon*

Facebook connect required data*

Company interactions

Facebook activity feed*

Users interactions

Facebook comments

Facebook facepile

Facebook like box

Facebook like button

Facebook send button

Facebook recommendations

Auto post

Facebook auto post*


Company interactions

Google+ activity feed*

Google+ badge

Users interactions

Google+ button



LinkedIn logon*

LinkedIn required data*

Company Interactions

LinkedIn apply with*

LinkedIn company insider

LinkedIn company profile

LinkedIn member profile

Users interactions

LinkedIn recommend button

LinkedIn share button


Twitter feed*

Twitter follow button

Twitter tweet button

Auto post

Twitter auto post*


* Requires configuration of settings at Site Manager -> Settings -> Social networks -> Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn/Twitter.


Authentication - Provides an alternative way for users to log in to your site using their social network accounts.

Company interactions - Provides means for displaying content and information from the company's social network page.

Users interactions - Provides users with useful buttons and features associated with their social network accounts.

Auto post - Enables content editors to post on social networks through the site UI during the document creation and publishing process.