Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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Silent Install is a tool which enables you to install Kentico CMS directly from a command line, without any user interface and user interaction involved. It also allows you to modify an existing installation and add or remove components contained in this installation. You only need to prepare a configuration XML file and execute a command from the command line with this XML file as a parameter.

The main purpose of the tool is the possibility of automated installation and modification of Kentico CMS.


Silent Install is capable of substituting the whole installation procedure including:


Setup (KenticoCMS.exe) - Silent Install installs the program files to a specified location on your hard drive.

Web Installer - Silent Install creates a new web project and optionally configures IIS.

Database setup - Silent Install creates a new database with system tables and basic data on your SQL server.

New site wizard - Silent Install allows you to install websites based on available web templates.


You can download a ZIP package containing the Silent Install tool and sample XML files from the following location:


Silent installation procedure


1. Create a configuration XML file using a text editor.

oYou can use any of the sample XML files stored in the Examples folder within the package and edit it to suit your needs.

oThe Examples folder also contains the SilentInstall.xsd file, which is an XML schema file defining the configuration XML file format. You can use it to validate the XML configuration file you have created.

oYou can find a reference on the required format of the configuration XML file in the XML configuration topic.


2. Copy the XML file to the folder containing Kentico CMS installation files.


3. Execute a command with the SilentInstall.exe <configuration XML file name>.xml syntax in the folder.


SilentInstall.exe CorporateSite.xml


The installation will be executed and carried out according to the configuration in the XML file.