Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

What are the benefits of Kentico CMS?

What are the benefits of Kentico CMS?

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What are the benefits of Kentico CMS?

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Before you dive into the details, it may be useful to understand the big picture. This chapter explains how the system works, describes its architecture and answers the most common questions you may have.


Is Kentico CMS a standard ASP.NET application?


Yes, Kentico CMS is a standard ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 application written in C#. It uses only standard functionality of .NET managed code which means you can use it on basically any ASP.NET 3.5 SP1-enabled web server without complicated configuration.


How does the CMS work?


The CMS allows you to manage content of dynamic websites. Unlike static websites that use static HTML files stored on a disk, a dynamic website displays content from the database. Kentico CMS provides both content storage and all surrounding infrastructure to manage the content and display it on the website. Kentico CMS doesn't pre-render static HTML pages; instead, it renders the content in real time, when it's requested by the visitor.




The main advantages of a dynamic website with a content management system include:


Easy content editing through a WYSIWYG, browser-based interface for non-technical users

Content re-use - you can display the same structured content in various ways while managing the data in one place

Multi-user environment - website management is not limited to a single web developer

Additional functionality and applications, such as Newsletters, E-commerce, Forums, etc.


Why should I use Kentico CMS and what benefits does it bring to me?


Kentico CMS simplifies the development of dynamic websites. Instead of developing the whole infrastructure for editing, you can utilize the flexible content management framework of Kentico CMS and focus on the site-specific functionality and design. If you consider how much time you would spend only by developing the security system, there's no doubt you should use an existing framework.


With Kentico CMS, you:


save time and money by developing the dynamic website faster

focus on the client's business needs instead of core infrastructure

provide your client with additional functionality, such as Newsletters, Forums, and others that would be difficult and expensive to develop


Is it flexible enough for my needs?


Well, now you may think "If I develop the website from scratch I can create the system and enhance it at any time as my client requests." Yes, you're right, but you can do the same with Kentico CMS. Kentico CMS has been used for thousands of websites worldwide and it was designed to fit various needs of web developers and their clients. Besides, if you need to add extra functionality, you can:


create your own modules

add your own code to the pages

modify default system behavior using custom handlers and providers

customize the core engine of the system (if you purchase the source code version)


Kentico CMS was designed for the needs of web developers and their clients. You can be confident that you can implement basically any website structure, navigation, graphic design and integrate custom functionality.




Don't take our word for it


Please visit the Kentico CMS Showcase at for reference websites, clients and testimonials.