Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Site hierarchy

Site hierarchy

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Site hierarchy

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In this example, you will see how to display site lists which resemble the site hierarchy panel in the SharePoint site. It is quite simple. In fact, it only requires setting the Display site lists mode.




This can be done by adding one of the SharePoint web parts (e.g. Microsoft SharePoint -> SharePoint repeater) and configuring them the following way:


SharePoint site URL: URL of your SharePoint server.

Mode: Display site lists.

Username, password: enter your username and password or leave the fields empty if you have them configured in Site manager -> Settings -> Integration -> Microsoft SharePoint.

Transformation: there is a prepared transformation for displaying a site hierarchy called SiteHierarchy under the SharePoint – Transformations document type. For correct behavior, you must only change the name of the SharePoint server.


Leave default values for the rest of the properties and click OK. You should see a result similar to the screenshot below - it simply creates a link to each of the lists on the SharePoint server.