Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Services definition XML

Services definition XML

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Services definition XML

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Windows services that can be managed by Kentico Service Manager are defined in ~/App_Data/CMSModules/WinServices/services.xml. All health monitoring services that should be manageable by Kentico Service Manager and generally all Windows services that should work with the respective Kentico CMS instance (e.g. your custom ones) need to be defined in this file.


Below, you can see the default content of the services.xml file with the Health monitoring and Scheduler services defined. As you can see, the XML has a root <Services> element containing any number of <Service> elements, each of which represents a single Windows service. Each <Service> element contains the following sub-elements:


<basename> - identifying name of the service, the same for all instances of Kentico CMS.

<name> - the same as <basename>, with the {0} part appended. The {0} part gets replaced with the value of the CMSApplicationName or alternatively CMSApplicationGuid web.config keys to differentiate services of particular Kentico CMS instances.

<displayname> - name of the Windows service in friendly format, displayed in user interfaces of Windows Services manager (services.msc) and Kentico CMS Service Manager.

<description> - text describing the functionality provided by the service.

<assemblyname> - name of the service's executable file stored inside the bin folder in the application root.


<?xml version="1.0"?>





   <displayname>Kentico CMS Health Monitor ({0})</displayname>

   <description>Registers categories with counters where information will be subsequently stored. Then it gets data from the database (e.g. the number of e-mails in the e-mail queue, the number of tasks in the queue, etc.) and stores it in the respective counters.</description>






   <displayname>Kentico CMS Scheduler ({0})</displayname>

   <description>Processes Kentico CMS scheduled tasks that have the 'Allow run in external service' option enabled. Processing is performed in regular intervals and only tasks with the mentioned option enabled are processed by the service.</description>