Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

User registration e-mails

User registration e-mails

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User registration e-mails

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In Site manager -> Administration -> E-mail templates, you can find the E-mail templates used for the automatic e‑mail notifications related to user registration. Messages based on the following templates are sent to users when they register, depending on the site configuration (please see Registration approval and double opt-in for more information):


Membership - Registration - sent to new users as a welcome e‑mail after they successfully register (if the used registration web part is configured to do so).

Membership - Registration confirmation - sent to users after registration if e‑mail confirmation (double opt‑in) is required.

Membership - Registration waiting for approval - sent to users after registration if an administrator's approval is needed to activate the account.

Membership - Registration approved - informs users that their account has been approved by an administrator.


The templates below are used for notifications sent to administrators:


Membership - Notification - New registration - notifies administrators when a new user registers on the site.

Membership - Notification - Waiting for approval - lets administrators know that a new user is waiting for their approval.


Any of these templates can be edited as needed, so you may fully customize the content of the e‑mails. You can use the following context macros to include dynamic values in their text. Please note that some of the macros are only available in specific templates.


{% FirstName %} - the first name of the new user.

{% LastName %} - the last name of the new user.

{% Email %} - the e-mail address entered during registration by the user.

{% UserName %} - the user name of the new account. If you are using site prefixes for user names, all occurrences of this macro in e‑mail templates should have the prefix trimmed out through the following method: {%TrimSitePrefix(UserName)%}

{% Password %} - the password specified for the new account.

{% ConfirmAddress %} - returns the URL of the page where the user can confirm their registration (intended for sites where double opt‑in is enabled).

{% HomePageURL %} - resolves into the URL of the site's home page. This is only available in the Registration approved template.


In addition to the special ones listed above, you can also use all other standard macro expressions in the templates. See the Development -> Macro expressions chapter of this guide for more information about macro expressions in Kentico CMS.