Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

E-mail notifications

E-mail notifications

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E-mail notifications

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Users can be notified about new messages received via the Messaging module by means of notification e-mails. The e-mails are based on the Messaging - Notification email e-mail template.


For this to work, the target e-mail address must be filled into a user's Messaging notification e-mail field. This can be done several ways:


On the live site, it can be entered via the My profile web part.

Users with access to the system's user interface can enter it in CMS Desk -> My desk -> My profile.

Global administrators can edit this field of each user in Site Manager -> Administration -> Users -> edit (Edit) a user -> Settings.


When the e-mail address is entered into the field, a notification e-mail is sent to the address whenever the user receives a new message. This does not apply to messages received from users in the recipient's Ignore list.




Please note


Your instance of Kentico CMS must be configured to use an SMTP server in order for e-mails to be sent, as described in Installation and deployment -> Additional configuration tasks -> SMTP server configuration.



Macros in messaging e-mail template


In text of the Messaging - Notification email template, you can access the following specific objects and their properties (e.g. {% Sender.UserName %}) using context macros to include dynamic values in their text:


{% Sender %} - UserInfo object of the message sender.

{% Recipient %} - UserInfo object of the message recipient.

{% Message %} - MessageInfo object of the message.


Besides these special ones, you can also use all other standard macro expressions in the templates. See the Development -> Macro expressions chapter of this guide for more information about macro expressions in Kentico CMS.


Related settings


In Site manager -> Settings -> Community -> Messaging, you can find the following settings related to the notification e-mails:


Messaging sender e-mail - e-mail address that will be used as the sender address (From field) of the notification e-mails.

Messaging e-mail subject - entered text will be used as content of the Subject field of notification e-mails.