Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Installation in medium-trust environment

Installation in medium-trust environment

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Installation in medium-trust environment

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If you want to deploy Kentico CMS directly to the live server (or generally to a remote server) that uses a medium trust security level, you need to follow these steps:


1. Install Kentico CMS on your local machine if you haven't done so yet.


2. Run the Kentico Web Installer (you can find it in Start -> All Programs -> Kentico CMS).


3. Select I want to install Kentico CMS on a remote (production or testing) server and enter the path C:\tempsite. Finish the wizard - it only copies the files to the given folder. You do not need to have Visual Studio installed.


4. Copy the files from your local folder C:\tempfiles to the root of the website using FTP. If you want to use a sub-folder, create a new virtual directory as described in Creating a virtual directory.


5. Make sure the web.config file on your server contains the following value in the appSettings section (it specifies that the CMS should use the managed provider):


<add key="CMSDirectoryProviderAssembly" value="CMS.DirectoryProviderDotNet" />


6. Open a web browser and navigate to your website. The Database Setup wizard starts up.


7. Go through the wizard and create a new Kentico CMS database on your live server. At the end of the process, you will be asked to update your web.config file manually - please follow the instructions on the screen.


8. Choose to either create a new website or import your existing Kentico CMS website.


9. If you are using .NET version 3.5, you need to save all virtual objects to the disk after creating the new website:

a.Go to Site Manager -> Administration -> System -> Virtual objects.

b.Click Store all virtual objects in file system.

c.If the medium trust server does not allow your application to write on the disk, you first need to create the web project on a local machine using the Web installer, save all virtual objects to the disk and then copy the web project over FTP.





Medium trust environment specifics


For more information about running under the medium trust level, please read the Configuration for Medium Trust environment topic.