Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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Permissions of the Groups module can be set in Site Manager -> Administration -> Permissions. The following permissions can be assigned to members of the particular roles:


Manage - allows managing of groups via the administration interface

Read - allows viewing group settings, but does not allow any changes to be made to them




Group pages permissions


Create pages - users can create group pages

Delete pages - users can delete group pages

Edit pages - users can edit group pages


These permissions can be assigned to:


Nobody - nobody can perform the action

All users - all users can perform the action

Authenticated users - only signed-in users can perform the action, i.e. anonymous public users can't perform it

Group members - only group members can perform the action, i.e. authenticated non-group members and anonymous users can't perform it

Authorized roles - only members of the group roles selected below can perform the action




Group admin's permissions


Group administrators can perform any of these actions, even if they haven't the permissions assigned.