Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

GetFile.aspx parameters

GetFile.aspx parameters

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GetFile.aspx parameters

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The system uses the GetFile.aspx page to retrieve uploaded files from the database. The page is called whenever you use /getdoc, /getattachment or a direct URL based on the alias path of a cms.file document.


GetFile URLs accept the following query string parameters:


Parameter name


Sample value


Attachment GUID value.



Node GUID value.


Version history ID of the attachment. It can only be used together with the guid parameter.


Resizes the image to a specified width (in pixels).



Resizes the image to a specified height (in pixels).



Resizes the image to the specified size of the longest side (in pixels).



Indicates the output disposition of the file.


You can use one of the following disposition values:


inline - opens the file in the browser window if possible

attachment - opens the browser's "Save or Open" dialog







Resizing of images


If your website has the Resize images according to device profile setting enabled in Site Manager -> Settings -> Content -> Content management, the system may override the width, height and maxsidesize parameters used in GetFile URLs of image files. When a user views the website on a device that matches a device profile, images automatically reduce their maximum side size to the larger of the dimensions set for the given profile.


To configure the dimensions of device profiles:


1.Go to Site Manager -> Development -> Device profiles.

2.Edit (Edit) a profile.

3.Set the Preview width and Preview height properties.

4.Click Save Save.


If you wish to disable device profile resizing for an image, add the resizemode=1 parameter to the GetFile URL.