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Exception handler (CustomExceptionHandler class)

Exception handler (CustomExceptionHandler class)

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Exception handler (CustomExceptionHandler class)

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This class processes all exceptions that occur in the web application. You can use it to handle all exceptions and run custom actions, such as sending e-mail to administrator or logging the exception to your helpdesk or monitoring system.


The class has only one method: OnException(Exception e)




The following example shows how to handle the OnException event and send the password to the administrator whenever an error occurs:


1. Open the CustomExceptionHandler class and put the following code at the beginning of the file. It adds the reference to the namespaces we will use to handle the event:



using CMS.EmailEngine;


2. Put the following code inside the OnException method.




// we will use the CMS.EmailProvider to send e-mails

EmailMessage email = new EmailMessage();

email.From = "";

email.Recipients = "";

email.Subject = "Exception";

email.Body = e.Message + "<br />" + e.StackTrace + "<br />" + e.Source;



3. Set the From and Recipients e-mail addresses to your e-mail address.

4. Compile and run the project. Now, when some exception occurs or is raised by your code, the e-mail with exception details will be sent.