Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Related settings

Related settings

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Related settings

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The following settings in Site Manager -> Settings are related to the Event log module:


Settings category


Content -> Log page not found exception

If enabled, page not found (404) exceptions will be logged as a warning in the event log.

System -> Event log size

Number of events stored in the event log. When exceeded by 10% (or a different percentage set by means of the CMSLogKeepPercent web.config key), the percentage of the oldest events is deleted from the log in a batch. If 0, no events are logged.

System -> Log metadata changes

If enabled, changes of object and document metadata (i.e. when an object or document is created, edited or deleted) are logged in the Event log.

System -> Error notification e-mail address

If an e-mail address is entered, e-mail notifications about errors logged in the event log will be sent to the address.


There are also several special keys that can be added to the appSettings section of the web.config file that provide an extra level of event logging settings in combination with the settings listed above. For more information on the keys, please refer to Appendix B - Web.config parameters.