Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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In the Template dialog, you can specify the page template that will be used for the selected document and configure its content inheritance.



The textbox in this section displays the name of the page template currently assigned to the document. The options above determine what type of template will be used:


Inherit from parent

All culture versions use the same page template

Each culture version uses its own page template


If the first option is selected, the page template set for the parent document will automatically be loaded.


With the other two options, you can assign a specific template to the document via the Select button. If the document is available in multiple languages, you can choose whether all versions should share the same template or if it should be possible to specify a different one for each language. By selecting the third option, you can configure the template settings on this tab separately for each document version by switching between cultures using the language toolbar in the main menu of the CMS Desk -> Content tab.


Changes need to be confirmed by clicking Save Save.





Setting the template of the website's root document


The website's root document has no parent from which the template could be inherited, so the first radio button option (No master page template) may instead be used if you wish to have an empty root page.


In most scenarios, it is highly recommended to assign an appropriate template to the root document and use content inheritance.


Additionally, the following actions may be used to manage the document's template:


SaveAsNewPageTemplate Save as new template - saves the current template as a new re-usable page template. This can be useful if you wish to use an ad-hoc template for other pages.

CloneAsAdHoc Clone template as ad‑hoc - creates a copy of the current page template as a new ad-hoc template. This allows you to modify the design of the page without affecting other documents that use the original template.

EditTemplateProperties Edit template properties - opens a new window where you can configure the properties of the currently assigned page template.


Inherit content


In this section, you can configure how the document should inherit content from its parent pages (if it is not a master page). Select one of the following options:


Use page template settings

The inheritance is determined by the settings of the assigned page template.


To manage the template's configuration, click the EditTemplateProperties Edit template properties button and set the Inherit content property on the General tab.

Do not inherit any content

The document does not inherit any content from parent documents in the content tree.

Inherit only master page

The document inherits content from the first master page above the document in the content tree. If there are multiple master pages, the document only inherits from the closest one in the hierarchy.

Select inherited levels

You can select exactly from which parent documents the page should inherit via the checkboxes below.