Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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Kentico CMS has its own data layer components that ensure unified access to the database. Each entity, such as “user", “site", “document", has its own “data class". The data class represents the data structure of the entity (using the XML schema) and SQL queries for INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT and DELETE operations. The data layer currently only works with Microsoft SQL Server, but it’s designed for use with other data engines in the future.


How it Works


When you need to create a new user record, you create a new instance of SimpleDataClass type and specify its class name as “cms.user", which is a code name of this entity. The system automatically creates a new DataRow based on the user entity XML Schema. Then you set the values of its attributes, such as UserName or FullName and call the Insert method. The system uses a pre-defined INSERT query to insert the values into the appropriate table that is also stored in the definition of the cms.user entity.


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