Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Creating a forum group

Creating a forum group

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Creating a forum group

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All forums are a part of some forum group. Pre-defined forums need to be created within some particular forum group and ad-hoc forums are automatically placed into the AdHoc forum group upon creation. A forum group usually contains forums related to the same topic. For example:


Computers (forum group)

Announcements (forum)

Technical questions (forum)

FAQ's (forum)

Web design (forum group)

CSS (forum)

XHTML (forum)


Creating a new forum group


Go to CMS Desk -> Tools -> Forums and click the NewForumGroup New forum group button. Fill in the following fields:


Group display name - sets the name displayed for the forum group on the website.

Group code name - assigns a unique name to the forum group that can be used to identify it, e.g. in the API. You can leave the (automatic) option to have the system generate an appropriate code name based on the display name.

Description - may be used to enter a text description of the forum group, which will be displayed on the website.

Forum group base URL - enter the URL of the page where the forum group will be placed, for example: ~/MyForum.aspx. This is used by the system when creating absolute URLs leading to the given forum group.

Forum group unsubscription URL - sets the URL of the page where users can unsubscribe from forums under the given group.


Click Save Save to confirm the creation of the group.



Continue to the Creating a pre-defined forum topic to learn how to create individual forums within a forum group or the Adding an ad-hoc forum to the web topic to find out more about ad-hoc forums.