Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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The Banner management module provides means to create, manage and display advertisements or other content in the form of banners. It also allows you to monitor statistics, namely impressions (banner views) and clicks. The banners are organized into categories, of which there are two types:


Global banner category - shared across multiple websites.

Site banner category - bound to a particular site and not accessible from the other sites.


The module incorporates the Banner rotator web part, which you can use to display banners from a specified banner category. When a user views a page where you placed the Banner rotator, the web part chooses a banner from the category and displays it to the visitor. The banner is rendered as a link to a URL which can be entered in the banner's properties.


The Banner management module utilizes the built-in Web analytics and Reporting modules to log and display how many times a particular banner has been shown on a page (number of impressions) and how many times visitors have clicked the banner. You can find the following topics in this chapter:


The Managing banners topic teaches you how to create and manage banners and their categories.

The Placing banners on a page topic shows you how to display banners on the live site.

The Statistics topic explains how you can view and administer the statistics that the module records.

The Example of use topic guides you through the whole process of managing banners on your site.