Trees for Bugs FAQ

Frequently asked questions for the Trees for Bugs initiative

What can I do if I find a bug?

The best thing to do is to submit the bug using the following form. If it turns out to be a bug in the latest available version of Kentico CMS (or Kentico EMS), we will plant a tree in your name AND we will fix the bug within 7 working days!

How do I know that you are going to plant a tree for me? Can I dedicate it to someone else?

If you submit a bug and it turns out to be a bug in the latest version, we will add your name to the list of trees for the next planting and of course the bug you submitted is going to be fixed within 7 working days.

A week prior to the planting, you will get an email with the label for your tree so you can check it for correctness or dedicate the tree to someone else, (our clients usually choose their partners, children, relatives, pets, football teams…). A week after the planting, you will get a link to the picture of your tree, so you might forward it to the person you dedicated the tree to.

Do you plant a tree for a bug in any version of Kentico CMS/EMS?

No, we plant a tree only for bugs founds in the latest version of Kentico CMS/EMS. Let’s say that the current (latest) version of Kentico is version 6, if you:

1.    find a bug in Kentico version 5.5 R2 and this bug is not present in version 6 -> no tree
2.    find a bug in Kentico version 5.5 R2 and this bug is also present in version 6 -> you get a tree!

When will the initiative be finished?

The Trees for Bugs initiative is a continuous program, it always applies to the latest version of Kentico CMS/EMS. We are continuously adding new features, improving our product and lowering the number of bugs, but still, as with any other software, there are will always be some bugs to be found and trees to be planted for them.

How many trees are you going to plant?

We will plant one tree for each bug our clients find in the latest version of Kentico CMS. You can watch the number of currently-reported bugs in the latest version in the header of the Trees for Bugs website. These numbers are also listed in the chart which shows how many bugs each development team is responsible for, thus how many trees its team members have to plant.

What if I submit more than one bug?

The more bugs you submit, the more trees you get.

 Who will be planting the trees?

The trees will be planted by the employees and management of Kentico Software. Each developer will plant as many trees as the number of bugs found in the module(s) he is responsible for. Testers will be giving them helping hands (as well as the rest of the company). Time spent in nature won't be included in their wages ;) The initiative is carried out in cooperation with The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, which helps us to choose the right project to support.

What kind of trees are you going to plant?

The species will be chosen by experts from The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation. The selection will be made in accordance with the planting area - an avenue, a park or a habitat corridor. The selection process of the project also takes in account the social/community impact of the project. We aren't simply going to just extend some forest, as forests are typically profitable on their own and therefore need no sponsoring.

Where and when will the trees be planted?

We usually plant the trees within 150km from Brno, Czech Republic, where the headquarters of Kentico are located. We plant trees twice a year – once in spring (usually April) and once in autumn (usually October). Trees for all bugs submitted prior to the spring date will be planted on this date and all trees for bugs submitted after the spring date will be planted in autumn. This means that no matter when, if you find a bug in the latest version of Kentico CMS, you will get a tree planted. Either in spring or in autumn.

How will the trees be labeled?

Each Tree will be labeled as you can see in the example below:

Can I visit my tree?

Of course! Each tree is marked on a Google map that you can find at our Trees for Bugs website. Just after we plant the trees you will receive an e-mail containing the link to this map with the exact position of your tree.

Can I get a photo of my tree?

Photos of all trees are published in the Tree Gallery. The picture of your tree will also be sent to you by e-mail during a week after we plant it.

How was this idea born?

In 2008, we were celebrating our 5th anniversary. At that time, we had also doubled our number of employees. The success of the company had been underlined by being ranked 1st in the Rising Stars category of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in the Czech Republic. All of this was achieved without any external funding or loans, just by delivering a valuable product to our clients. We have been continuously reinvesting all the profits back into the company to improve our product and services month by month.

Wasn’t it the best time to share our success with others in some way?  Now what’s the best non-profit project for you to support if you have clients in 84 countries over the world? Plant a tree – the oxygen will circulate around the globe to all of them ;) Plus there are some other advantages of doing this initiative:
  • Bug finders are assured to get the bug fixed within 7 days. As a plus, they get a tree planted in their name.
  • Our product users are motivated to report even the smallest bugs they would normally skip. This helps us to improve our product.
  • The planting projects that we participate in support local community efforts.  
  • Publishing the numbers of bugs publicly shows our confidence in what we do.
  • We have a nice team-building event at a low cost with a beneficial purpose.
  • It’s fun to see our team leaders' heads moving up to the spade in the dynamic chart

Where can I get more details about the Trees for Bugs initiative?

You can explore the Trees for Bugs site or contact us at:

How can I support this initiative?

Please spread the word around:
Or become a fan of the initiative at facebook Trees for Bugs page.

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