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Kentico Developer Newsletter | May 2017
Developer Newsletter
May 2017
Your monthly installment of Kentico & Kentico Cloud Tech News

Greetings, friends! In keeping with tradition, this issue is coming to you on the heels of another Kentico Roadshow event. Like last month’s conferences in Sydney and Melbourne, this week the train has rolled through Chicago, Denver, and Boston.  All three were fantastic events where attendees got to see a lot of cool, new features in Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud, and maybe a few drinks at the social event.

I’ve had a great time catching up with partners around the world over the past few weeks. Some of them I only get to see once or twice a year, so it’s always great to talk to them and hear about what they’re working on. Because every region and industry is so unique, the solutions they come up with for their projects are just awesome. I’m always amazed at how they leverage our products to build their solutions.

If you’ve been to one of the events, then you’re already in the know on some of the great features coming in Kentico 11 and Kentico Cloud. If you’re in Europe, don’t worry! Your events are coming up in just a week, so get ready for some awesome content. Meanwhile, I hope you keep enjoying this month’s newsletter. And, as always, happy coding!

Kentico EMS

This month’s Kentico articles were all about customizations. Whether it’s the admin interface or an ecommerce configuration, adapting Kentico to your specific needs is one of the most widely developed aspects. Many projects have external systems and even platforms they need work with, so be sure to check out this month’s collection of posts to see what’s possible.

The end of March marked an important milestone in Kentico 11 development with major E-commerce and Email marketing improvements. You can check out these enhancements by downloading the Kentico 11 BETA. Give it a look and we'd love to hear your feedback about what's coming in the latest version.

Register for the Kentico 11 Beta

Here is the list of some interesting posts about Kentico from the past month.

Kentico Cloud

For Kentico Cloud, we are seeing more and more posts as developers architect some amazing solutions with the platform. Branching out from your traditional ASP.NET Website models, sites are being built with front end frameworks like ReactJS and Angular, as well as integrations with non-web devices. On top of that, we are continuing to build out the capabilities of Kentico Cloud with some exciting features to benefit the content management experience, as well as providing developers some powerful capabilities for their applications.

Top DevNet Q/As

There were lots of interesting DevNet posts this month, with over 500 answers posted in the forums. Some of the interesting topics included customizing the CKEditor, working with custom web parts, and configuring file storage. Be sure to check out the other posts to find out other great tips from the community.


The Kentico Roadshow events were certainly the focus for the last month. With Australia and US in the books, the last stop will be London and Amsterdam. If you haven’t registered, be sure to check out the list here and reserve your spot! We are demoing some exciting new features of Kentico and Kentico Cloud, as well as giving you the chance to help shape the future of the platforms.

Here are some great events coming up:

Kentico Roadshow - London
Kentico Roadshow - London
16 May 2017
London, UK
Kentico Roadshow - Amsterdam
Kentico Roadshow - Amsterdam
18 May 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Stay tuned
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