Create branch of pages in non-default culture and not in default culture

Mike Wills asked on February 11, 2016 22:42


I’m trying to support a scenario that looks identical to this one:

I am migrating a customer’s site from WordPress to Kentico 9. The WordPress site has separate sections (branches of pages) for different regions. However, these sections are not intended to provide translations of each other. Instead, they have completely different content, and any user should be allowed to browse it all.

This means that I’d like to setup multiple sections of a Kentico site, with each section assigned to only one culture. Here’s an example:

Site default culture: en-US

Pages Supported culture
Root en-US
- Page 1 (en-US)
- Page 2 (en-US)
- Page 3 (zh-CN)
- Page 4 (en-GB)
- Page 5 (en-GB)
- Page 6 (jp-JP)
-- Page A (jp-JP)
---- Page i (jp-JP)

Notice that many sections of the site should support a culture, without also supporting the site’s default culture. This appears to be contrary to Kentico’s design. It appears that Kentico expects all content of the site to be supported by the default culture, and then translated into secondary cultures. I’m hoping I’m missing something. The customer want’s sections of the site to be assigned a culture, so that no matter who is visiting the section of the site, the whole section is rendered using the appropriate culture (resource strings, date formatting, etc.). This means that if any user visits the Japanese section of a site, it is rendered completely in Japanese.

However, here’s what happens: If we create a section of the site in a non-default culture (e.g. Japanese), without also creating it in the default culture, a user with a non-JP browser visits a page in the section (i.e. “Page 6”, Page A, or Page i) in the example above and receives a 404 error. What the customer would like is that the user receives the content rendered using the jp-JP culture settings. How can Kentico be configured to support this?

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