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Security tab

Security tab

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Security tab

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Using this matrix, you can define which users are allowed to perform which actions in the currently edited forum:


Columns of the matrix represent the following actions:


Access to forum - defines who can enter the forum and view posts

Attach files - defines who can attach files to forum posts

Mark as answer - defines who can mark posts as answers in Question - Answer forums

Post - defines who can add posts to the forum

Reply - defines who can reply to forum posts

Subscribe - defines who can subscribe for receiving notifications about new posts in the forum


Rows in the top part of the matrix have the following meanings:


Nobody - the action cannot be performed by anyone

All users - anybody can perform the action

Authenticated users - only signed-in registered users can perform the action

Authorized roles - only members of roles specified in the lower part of the matrix can perform the action


More resources can be found at Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Forums -> Overview.