CMS.SocialMarketing NamespaceKentico 8.0 API Reference

Public classFacebookAccountInfo
Represents a Facebook account (page).
Public classFacebookAccountInfoProvider
Provides management of Facebook accounts.
Public classFacebookAction
Action to publish message to Facebook.
Public classFacebookApplicationInfo
Represents a Facebook application.
Public classFacebookApplicationInfoProvider
Provides management of Facebook applications.
Public classFacebookHelper
Helper methods for working with Facebook social network.
Public classFacebookInsightsCollectionTask
Handles Facebook Insights analytics data collection when activated by the scheduler.
Public classFacebookInsightsCollectionTaskData
Represents data of FacebookInsightsCollectionTask.
Public classFacebookInsightsState
Represents state of Facebook Insights collection.
Public classFacebookInsightsStateItem
Represents state of one object for which Facebook Insights are collected.
Public classFacebookPostInfo
Represents a Facebook post.
Public classFacebookPostInfoProvider
Provides management of Facebook posts.
Public classInsightInfo
Represents an insight for social marketing.
Public classInsightInfoProvider
Provides management of social marketing insights.
Public classSocialMarketingBackCompatibilityHelper
Helper methods for serializing and deserializing data used for social network posting - it is used for backward compatibility only.
Public classSocialMarketingModule
Represents the Social marketing module.
Public classSocialMarketingModuleMetadata
Represents the Social media module metadata.
Public classSocialMarketingPostPublishingTask
Handles scheduled post publishing when activated by the scheduler.
Public classTwitterAccountInfo
Represents a Twitter account (channel).
Public classTwitterAccountInfoProvider
Provides management of Twitter accounts.
Public classTwitterAction
Action to publish message to Twitter.
Public classTwitterApplicationInfo
Represents a Twitter application.
Public classTwitterApplicationInfoProvider
Provides management of Twitter applications.
Public classTwitterConfiguration
Represents information about a configuration of Twitter.
Public classTwitterHelper
Provides helper method for Twitter social network.
Public classTwitterInsightsCollectionTask
Retrieves insights from Twitter.
Public classTwitterPostInfo
Represents a Twitter post.
Public classTwitterPostInfoProvider
Provides management of Twitter posts.
Public classURLParser
Provides methods for replacing URLs in a text.
Public classURLParserMatch
Represents a URL extracted by URLParser
Public classURLShortenerHelper
Provides methods for shortening URLs using URL shortening services.

Public structureFacebookPageAccessTokenData
Represents information about a Facebook page access token.
Public structureFacebookPageIdentityData
Represents information about a Facebook page.
Public structureSocialMarketingBackCompatibilityHelper SocialMarketingPublishingElement
Carries data needed for publishing info about documents on social network. It is used for backward compatibility only.

Public enumerationSocialNetworkTypeEnum
Types of social networks.
Public enumerationURLShortenerTypeEnum
Enumeration with URL shortener types.