CMS.FormControls NamespaceKentico 8.0 API Reference

Public classAbstractBasicForm
Abstract class for BasicForm.
Public classAbstractDefaultLayout
Default layout
Public classAbstractFormStyleConfiguration
Container for layout specific form style configuration.
Public classAbstractLayout
Abstract class for form layout.
Public classAbstractTableDefaultLayout
Base class for table-based layouts.
Public classAttachmentsControl
Abstract control for document attachments control.
Public classBasicForm
Basic form engine independent on CMS. It displays the specified form.
Public classBasicFormDefaultStyle
Default CSS classes used by basic form unless layout overrides them.
Public classCMSAbstractFormLayout
Abstract class for virtual ASCX form layouts.
Public classCMSAbstractManager EventArgsType, SimpleEventArgsType 
Base class for managers
Public classCMSAutomationManager
Automation manager.
Public classCMSDocumentManager
Document manager.
Public classCMSForm
Form engine specific for CMS. It displays the given form.
Public classCMSObjectManager
Object manager control.
Public classCollapsibleImage
Collapsible image control. Used for collapsing categories.
Public classControlRegistrationEventArgs
Custom event arguments used for control registration in BasicForm.
Public classCustomTableForm
Control to edit custom table record.
Public classDataForm
Common form control to edit the data.
Public classDivDefaultLayout
Divs layout
Public classDivLayoutStyle
Class for initializing default CSS class for basic form.
Public classEditingFormControl
EditingFormControl control.
Public classFieldActions
Class providing additional actions with fields.
Public classFieldCreationArgs
Data container of objects necessary for rendering form layout.
Public classFieldMacroRuleDesigner
Control provides editing of field validation rules.
Public classFieldSetDefaultLayout
Panels layout - each category single panel
Public classFieldSetLayoutStyle
Class for initializing default CSS class for basic form.
Public classFormCategory
Form field control for the forms.
Public classFormControl
Form control for the forms.
Public classFormControlError
Control to supplement the form control that failed to load.
Public classFormControlMacroContainer
Container to wrap the form control structure
Public classFormControlsHelper
Helper methods for form controls
Public classFormControlsModule
Module registration.
Public classFormControlsModuleMetadata
Represents the FormControls module metadata.
Public classFormControlsResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classFormControlsTaskType
Web farm tasks for form controls operations
Public classFormEngineUserControl
Common interface for custom user controls used in forms.
Public classFormEngineUserControlEventArgs
Class containing event data pertaining to an event raised for a form control.
Public classFormEngineWebControl
Form engine web control.
Public classFormErrorLabel
Form error label.
Public classFormErrorMessageLabel
Form error message label.
Public classFormField
Form field control for the forms.
Public classFormInfoMessageLabel
Form info message label.
Public classFormLabel
Form label control for form field.
Public classFormMacroContainer FormType 
Container to wrap the form structure
Public classFormRequiredValidator
Required validator for the form.
Public classFormSubmit
Form submit field.
Public classFormSubmitButton
Form button control.
Public classLayoutForm
Represents custom user layout specified by text with macros.
Public classLayoutTemplate
Represents layout based on a template.
Public classLocalizableFormEngineUserControl
Localizable form engine user control
Public classOptionsDesigner
Control provides editing of field options.
Public classReadOnlyFormEngineUserControl
Read-only version of the form engine user control
Public classSecurityCheck
Security check for the UI form.
Public classSingleTableDefaultLayout
Standard layout - single table
Public classSingleTableLayoutStyle
Class for initializing default CSS class for basic form.
Public classSqlFormControl
Base class for SQL form controls
Public classTablePerCategoryDefaultLayout
Tables layout - each category single table
Public classTablePerCategoryLayoutCssClass
Class for initializing default CSS class for basic form.
Public classUIForm
Form control for the admin UI.
Public classUIFormDefaultStyle
Default CSS classes used by UI form unless layout overrides them.
Public classUIFormMacroContainer
Container to wrap the UI form structure
Public classVisibilityControl
Control to set visibility.

Public interfaceIFormControl
Form control interface.
Public interfaceIFormStyleConfiguration
Interface describing form style configuration options.

Public delegateAbstractBasicForm OnItemValidationEventHandler
Occurs when the particular item is validated.
Public delegateAttachmentsControl CheckPermissionsEventHandler
Delegate of event fired when permissions should be checked.
Public delegateBasicForm OnGetAttachmentEventHandler
Occurs when the attachment info is required.
Public delegateDataForm OnFileProcessingEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the file processing event.

Public enumerationCaptchaEnum
Captcha enumerator.
Public enumerationFieldLayoutEnum
Field layout enumeration.
Public enumerationFormTypeEnum
Enum for form type.
Public enumerationObjectOrderEnum
Object order enumeration (for newly inserted object).
Public enumerationSQLQueryEnum
Describing which sql RegEx can be used